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Allergies, Research and our Products

We would like to start off by stating that we are not chemists, scientists or physicians and all of the listed natural benefits of our products are based solely upon personally researched historical, traditional and published data that cannot replace advice directly given by a certified physician.
If you have allergy concerns regarding any of our products we suggest that you talk to your physician before using them. You can also test each product on a small patch of skin then wait 24 hours to see if you have an adverse reaction before enjoying the product on your whole body.

We aim to make the gentlest products for your skin and hair but it is virtually impossible to make every single product suitable for absolutely every one.  We have listed our complete ingredients clearly and in simple English on all of our products. Nothing is hidden, but, seeing as we create all of our products in the same work space, it is not possible to guarantee that botanicals or natural substances from other products have not come into contact with each other.