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Glacial Earth Mineral Milk MaskGlacial Earth Mineral Milk Mask

For undernourished and neglected skin types!

Found in the remote Pacific islands of North Western Canada, ‘British Columbian marine glacial clay’ has often been called ‘the miracle clay’. With over 30 minerals and uniquely rare earth elements, British Columbian Glacial clay is the finest particle clay found in the world today. When applied as a face mask your natural circulation brings all necessary
nutrients and cell regenerating oxygen to the surface and feeds the skin from within.

Just a few words that have been used to describe the effects that this fabulous glacial clay can have on our skin are, rejuvenating, revitalizing, detoxifying, balancing, exfoliating, skin wrinkle smoothing and
thoroughly nourishing!

We combined four extravagantly nutritious
botanical extracts to further compliment this wonderful blend; Olive leaf, Rose hip, Echinacea Purpurea and Banana.

Very impressed in all aspects, we have used various facial clay blends from different companies over the years and none of them were as visually pleasing or as thoughtfully created in ingredient content. It is obvious to us after using this product that this range of facial clay blends that ‘The Botanical Soap Shop’ has introduced to the market means business! Well done.
- Matthew and Patricia D, Vancouver, BC

Olive leaf is a natural anti microbial and its essential nutrients are ideal for anti aging products. Rose hip is cherished as a natural antioxidant for the skin. Echinacea Purpurea is well documented for its natural abilities to heal skin irritations. Banana contains excellent moisturizing properties to help nourish dry and tired skin types.

Additionally a blend of super skin softening and nourishing ingredients of goat’s milk, buttermilk and rice bran powder round off this very indulgent facial mask blend giving you a truly indulgent natural product.

This fabulous facial mask blend will supply you with at least 12 spa like facials.

100g for $24.99

My whole body felt totally refreshed and all my tension seemed to disappear after taking the time to enjoy this facial mask. I will now make this a weekly treat. Thank you so much for suggesting this wonderful product.
- Elaine M, Calgary, Alberta

Ingredients: British Columbian glacial marine clay, Rice bran powder, goat’s milk powder,buttermilk powder, rose hip extract, olive leaf extract, Echinacea Purpurea extract, banana fruit extract. The ricebran powder may contain traces of wheat, peanuts, nuts or soy.