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Green Tea and Ginger Root Facial MaskGreen Tea and Ginger Root Facial Mask

Excellent for oily or troubled skin types

Awesomely detoxifying! A blend of French green clay and Australian olive clay, both packed with amazing qualities that enable them to draw excess oils and impurities from the skin’s surface. These clays improve skin circulation whilst removing toxins that build up over time, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, clean and exfoliated. This is an excellent facial mask blend for troubled skin types such as those suffering from acne and oily skin types. Though still gentle enough that it will not cause any harsh results for sensitive skin.

We also combined five fabulous natural botanicals that all offer genuinely skin beneficial elements.
Green tea extract, Ginger root extract, Strawberry
fruit extract and Cucumber peel extract all are traditionally known for their soothing and calming properties for stressed and irritated skin types. Rice bran powder delivers soft skin polishing and moisturizing properties. Green tea extract is loaded with antioxidants and it is said to repair damaged skin.
Strawberry fruit extract tones and minimizes the size of the skins pores.

I have taken advantage of this facial clay mask once a week combined with using the Adzuki Bean and Custard Apple facial polish three times a week for a month now and my complexion has definitely improved quite drastically. This is the best value for my buck I have come across in the longest time! 100% awesome! No more prescription creams needed!
- Adele N, Duncan, Vancouver Island

This marvelous facial blend will provide at least 12 spa like facials.

100g for $19.99

Good stuff. Just finished my first ever box of Green tea and Ginger root facial clay blend and although I didn’t keep count I must have enjoyed at least 18 facials not 12 as the box suggested. I’ve recommended it to as many friends as possible, and will be back to buy more a.s.a.p.
- Marcus G, Saanich, Vancouver Island

Ingredients: French Green clay, Australian Olive clay, Rice bran powder, Green tea extract, Ginger root extract, Strawberry fruit extract, Cucumber seed extract.