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Wickedly Rich Earth Clays with soothing botanicals
Facial mask blend

Wickedly Rich Earth Clays with soothing botanicals - Facial Mask BlendBeautifully detoxifying for the most sensitive of skin types, we have combined our favourite Australian and French clays chosen for their unique skin beneficial elements then topped off the ‘oh so soothing factor’ with pure lavender buds, rose petals and Calendula petals all finely ground to form the most rich and gentle facial blend available on the market today. Easy and fun to use!

Natural clays contain bountiful amounts of minerals and trace elements that can supply our skin with fabulous nutrients whilst also drawing impurities from within the skin. When applied as a facial mask the clays naturally improve the skins circulation leaving the skin radiantly healthy, toned, revitalized and thoroughly cleansed.

Beneficial for both problem/oily and for dry/mature and sensitive skin types.

Our botanical blend of lavender, calendula and rose petals each provide wonderful beneficial properties such as anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti inflammatory, soothing, calming and gentle.

$24.99 for 100g

Follow instructions and enjoy at least 12 chemical free facial masks.

Go ahead spoil yourself or give as a wonderfully thoughtful gift to someone well deserving.

Basic simple instructions for mixing your new facial mask are as follows:

Take one table spoon of facial mix, place into a non porous bowl and add water in one teaspoon increments until a workable paste has been created. Then simple apply to a clean face and neck, with simple outward motions avoiding the delicate eye and mouth area. Then relax and let it get to work!

Keep the clay mask on until it has dried, most often within 15 minutes. Place a warm face cloth onto your face to gently soften the dried facial mask, then simply wash off with warm water. Pat your face to dry. Follow with applying your favourite gentle natural moisturizer.

Voila… you’ve washed away all those nasty built up toxins, impurities and dead skin cells from your skin and all you’re left with is a clean, gently exfoliated refreshed face!

Ingredients: French and Australian clays, rose petals, lavender buds and calendula petals all finely ground to create an ever so gentle consistency.