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Soap Facial Mask Fabulous Guest Soap Bars

Baby Chamomile with organic cucumber and calendulaBaby Chamomile

with organic cucumber and calendula

The purest most gentle combination of nourishing ‘certified organic’ oils and butters which have been produced without the use of toxic synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, sewage sludge and genetically modified plants.

Why would you want any of that on your skin yet alone a brand new babies delicate skin?

Even products made with all ‘natural’ ingredients most likely have trace amounts of these nasties, its only ‘certified organic’ ingredients that guarantee the absence of these very scarey chemicals and pollutants.

We then blended fresh organic cucumber, chamomile flowers and calendula petals all traditionally used to relieve, soothe and calm irritated sensitive skin types.

No essential oils have been added, this soap bar has a very soft light natural scent created from the combination of chamomile and calendula flowers.  

Price: $7.99

Buy 10 truly indulgent, wickedly natural soap bars and receive an 11th bar for free!

Ingredients: Certified organic high oleic sunflower oil*, coconut oil*, palm oil*, water, sodium hydroxide, shea butter*, castor oil*, organic cucumber, chamomile flowers, calendula petals, rosemary oil extract.
100% biodegradable and all natural.

*Certified organic

Each soap bar is authentically hand made and individually hand cut. Imperfections in shape, weight, colour and consistency simply add to their genuine true old fashioned style and character. The images shown on each soap bar wrapper may differ to the ones you receive.