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Soap Facial Mask Fabulous Guest Soap Bars

Poppy seed with lemon balm and mineral rich clayPoppy seed

with lemon balm and mineral rich clay

Finally after many requests we have brought back a soap bar variety for all those licorice lovers out there!

Ok, well its actually scented with Anise star essential oil which smells addictively like black licorice.

Packed with skin conditioning ‘poppy seeds’ and skin calming lemon balm’ directly from our herb gardens.

Mineral rich clays provide bountiful goodness for your skin and as always our brilliantly rich organic oil recipe puts all other soap bars to shame in the skin loving department!

This is a classic soap bar variety and its here to stay!




Price: $7.99

Buy 10 truly indulgent, wickedly natural soap bars and receive an 11th bar for free!

Each soap bar is authentically hand made and individually hand cut. Imperfections in shape, weight, colour and consistency simply add to their genuine true old fashioned style and character. The images shown on each soap bar wrapper may differ to the ones you receive.