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Soap Facial Mask Fabulous Guest Soap Bars

Spearmint soapSpearmint

with mineral rich clays

Fabulously loved by most this is one freshly crisp soapy experience loaded with so many skin nourishing elements, making a healthy choice has never been so enjoyable!

Fresh Spearmint and Peppermint contain oodles of beneficial elements for our bodies and skin such as antioxidants, anti bacterial and anti fungal properties as well as gently soothing minor burns, itching and skin irritations. Its very refreshing scent also may help relieve some cases of nasal allergies and congestion.
Freshly sourced mint varieties grown in our wonderfully rich fertile soils in the Comox Valley provide us with all the green nutrients in this soapy creation combined with fabulous nutrient rich French and Australian clays to show you just what you should expect from a truly indulgent and wickedly natural soap bar.

Pure botanical essential oils of Spearmint and Peppermint lend us brilliant natural anti bacterial and anti fungal qualities along with their truly addictive zesty aroma to refresh your mind and soul every time you’re lucky enough to lather up!

Price: $7.99

Buy 10 truly indulgent, wickedly natural soap bars and receive an 11th bar for free!

Ingredients: Certified organic high oleic sunflower oil*, coconut oil*, palm oil*, water with freshly juiced peppermint, sodium hydroxide, shea butter*, castor oil*, natural clays, essential oils of spearmint and peppermint, sea salt, rosemary oil extract.
100% biodegradable and all natural.

*Certified organic

Each soap bar is authentically hand made and individually hand cut. Imperfections in shape, weight, colour and consistency simply add to their genuine true old fashioned style and character. The images shown on each soap bar wrapper may differ to the ones you receive.